THEWKOUT is more than a DVD or a typical online workout space. It’s a family. It’s raw, real, uncensored & unscripted. Real people of all ages & all levels, working out together.



Rep by rep, move by move, overcoming obstacles, building strength & gaining the confidence to take on the daily battles life can throw at us. An escape. A small piece of time in your day thats just for YOU. A place where you can switch off & feel like a superhero. We understand that life isn’t an Instagram filter & that perfect bodies don’t happen overnight.

This is real people, real results & real effort. No more repetitive DVD’s, no more gym memberships. We do it all together, as a team & no one is left behind. These WKOUT’s are no joke, you will be pushed outside of your comfort zone every single day. Using different workout styles & techniques you get results you never dreamed possible. Our goal is to get you in the best shape of your life; while having the best time of your life.

THEWKOUT brings us all together, but the unbreakable bonds that you will make in our worldwide community will last a lifetime.

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What are members saying?

TheWKOUT is the best fitness community ever. It is a place where like minded people come together and inspire one another. Lisa and Teresa are absolutely amazing! They genuinely care and take an interest in their followers and push you to keep going. If you want motivation, this is the place to be ❤

<p>@vlac1983</p>, <p>On Insta</p>


On Insta

TheWKOUT is an amazing worldwide community with its core, Lisa and Teresa, inspiring, motivating and guiding us to become our best selves. I’m grateful to be a part of this phenomenal circle of supportive people!

<p>@craftycr8tions</p>, <p>On Insta</p>


On Insta

Love, support, strength, empowerment, kindness, did I say Love! This is what Lisa and Teresa are all about, TheWKOUT the workouts are mind blowing! They give you empowerment for the day! You find inner strength to go heavier, you’re never alone and you can do it in your living room using whatever you have.

<p>@joblog</p>, <p>On Insta</p>


On Insta


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